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Pole Freak

28 Nov

Wondering where my Aerial Silks and Hoop entry went?

You can now find it over at Pole Freaks

A great site full of great women with useful information. Very pleased to be writing for them!


To hold you over until my next post here is a new-ish video.


Just working on cleaning up old moves and attempting some new ones including an insanely scary straight edge to shoulder mount!


The Golden Touch

9 Nov

The past two weeks have been full of poletastic events and as I haven’t updated in over two weeks I guess I should get to work on reporting.

First off, a few weeks ago a friend asked me to help organize a Pole Party for a friend’s birthday. I knew my friends had shown some interest in pole fitness after watching my videos and seeing that it’s more sweaty than sexy, but I didn’t want to come across as too pushy. I let the world know that this is what I love and if you’d like to learn more then by all means ask away. But I don’t want to make you sick of pole dancing before you even have a go at it.

The Birthday Girl, Inverted.

Most of my friends are into fitness of some kind. Some friends are really into yoga, some love running, some just love riding their bike everywhere. But all of them are open minded and are willing to learn new things.

So of course, I was more than happy to help organize! The instructor I spoke with was also super stoked to lead the group. A non sexy pole party? No stripper pushups or booty shaking? Party on! About 10 enthusiastic girls showed up and everyone had a blast. We focused on basic spins and even an invert! I was so proud of my friends, everyone gave it their all and had a good laugh. What was really cute though was having girls run up to me several days later, roll up their pant legs and exclaim, “See? See?!! Check out my sweet bruise!!!”

It seems like pole fever has hit, and hopefully soon my living room can be a fitness hotspot. Now that I own two poles I can do a bit of teaching!

Yes, that’s right. Two poles! Which leads to the second part of my post today:


Since deciding I will be entering this competition it has become clear that I need a new pole. I mean, I’ve been wanting a 45mm pole for months but now it seems essential that I practice on what I will be performing on. After searching online and reading scary stories of fake x-poles being sold I decided to purchase a 45mm Titanium Gold X-Pert from Studio Veena. They offer free shipping, and not only that, it feels good to help support a site that has supported so many pole dancers around the world.

Why Titanium Gold?

Chrome poles take a long time to warm up, and a cold pole is like a slip’n’slide. I never have to worry about this at the studio as there’s always a class before mine ensuring that I’m greeted with a nicely warmed up pole. At home, especially during the winter months, it can be very frustrating getting the pole warmed up to the point I need it to be. I use space heaters, hair dryers and spins and climbs in sweatsuits. It just takes a long time, time that could be spent practicing. Ellie’s naps aren’t that long, so my pole time is precious.

I was told that TG heats up much faster and had improved grip. Sold!

I was able to put it to the test pretty quickly as shipping was surprisingly fast. I left the space heater on in the room for about 15 minutes before grabbing the pole and whaddaya know, it was already getting warm! I did a few spins and in no time the pole was toasty and grippy.

How did my first practice go?

This happened.


I think this image speaks for itself. For the first time I felt like I had a very secure, strong grip.

The only bad thing? My Cupid has disappeared. My Layback is now iffy. Not sure if this is because of the smaller pole or because of the finish. I tried using tack but ended up with a super squeaky Superman and bright red thighs.

See for yourself, here is my first video with my new pole.

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