Sharing Is Caring

10 Apr

Something about the Pole Community that stands out amongst other Aerial disciplines is the way we share our information. This is evident in the classroom, online and out in the streets. It really is a Pole Community; not only do polers pick each other up after a fall, we let them know how they can prevent their next one. We all want the best for ourselves, including others, and we willingly share any helpful tips without a second thought.

Those Corde Lisse "tutorials" are all performance videos

Those Corde Lisse “tutorials” are all performance videos

Sadly, not all Aerialists share the drive to share information. Maybe there is some hidden online community that I have yet to find, so there’s a chance I will be later contradicting myself, but I have yet to find a single tutorial online for Corde Lisse. Every time I hop on the rope at work I fall deeper in love with its forearm seizing fibers. I’ve been able to try some pole inspired moves, but actual Corde Lisse moves? No tutorials in sight. What do I have to do? Watch YouTube videos over and over and over and over again with intermittent pausing. I could take classes, but I’d have to plan a family vacation around a private lesson at The Toronto School Of Circus Arts (not exactly down the street).

But why no tutorials? Well, for one thing, Circus Arts can be very challenging and very dangerous if done without the guidance of a trained expert. I’ve already been informed by my boss that I’m welcome to flip around the rope off the clock, but if I break my neck while on the job? Well, you get the idea. So, I understand the risk I take every time I invert on the rope, but I never try anything if I’m not 110% sure I’ll be able to do it safely. This means I won’t be attempting any crazy wrapping technique until I get that private lesson.

So, if anyone out there reading this knows of a Studio Veena of the Rope World (I know there’s lots out there for Silks and Lyra) for the love of god, please send me a link!

Why do I love the rope as much as I do?

– There’s no “warming up” the rope. Just grab and go!

– No need for grip aids (save for chalk occasionally)

– It’s more challenging than the pole, which means it’s improving my pole skills.

– It’s fucking badass

– You can bring a rope anywhere.


First Blisters Deserve Toy Story Band-aids

First Blisters Deserve Toy Story Band-aids


2 Responses to “Sharing Is Caring”

  1. krissykiki April 11, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    That rope video is so bad ass but at the same time makes me soooooo nervous!!!!!

    • flyingspinner April 12, 2013 at 11:14 am #

      I know!!! When she just grabbed onto the rope for the first time….even she seemed nervous!

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